Interactive 360VR Virtual Experience

360 VR, Virtual Reality is a gateway to new marketing platform to produce truly immersive experience for user engagement. It stitches many panoramic images in the digitally constructed scenario and produces an audiovisual viewing in real-life situation to obtain a complete virtual tour experience with optional navigation to view every point in the property. VR simulations allow the viewers to move around the viewing angels within 360 degree, giving the control of what to see. The VR environment is interactable and is enriched with interactive content in the form of the text, visuals, images, animations, links, videos and audio.


Give your biography a new look with 360 VR – with interactives and quick viewing, it makes reading more fun. In VR Biography, the guest will be able to view the social channels of the character, glance through any related publication, enjoy any previous interviews conducted or highlight reel of a participation in an event.


Host a virtual exhibition from anywhere around the world, with limitless participants. Not only is it hassle-free and low costing, 3D visual effects can be implemented with more creativity to generate a distinctive and remarkable effect in the world of VR.


Imagine, innovate, and create an interactive 360 VR gallery – more than just a showcase, experience a fully interactive gallery with limitless boundaries.


Create a manual that allows reader to be fully immersed with the training experience in full 360 VR. With a near to real-time avatar and surrounds, any activities in the form of VR will resemble the actual one and delivered a more convincing experience. VR can serve as a platform for the company keyholders to deliver keynote for onboarding staff or to highlight the developments in the long run.


Transform your physical store and sell your products in style. A VR store allows for the products to be displayed in 360 degree with special effect, turning the store into a virtual “runway” for your products. AR technology can also be implemented, so that visitors can preview, learn, and even interact with the products before purchasing.


A VR promo tour that can be viewed upon check-in or incorporate on the website to be circulated in various social channels to allows guest to catch a glimpse of the boutique room, participating vendors (promising advertising medium) and amenities. By putting all these elements under one roof, the guest will be exposed to a big umbrella of products that can link to the respective site.

A walkthrough on the navigation and use of 360 VR. It supports interactive audio as well as social media sharing. With just a click on the interactive point, we are able to toggle the view. In additions, it also allows for embedding of media to be presented during the tour to make the visual experience more interactive.

A virtual environment can be categorized into different theme or segment to allows user to explore with or without the aid of a headset. Such exposure is equipped with other media such as interactive point to highlight certain prominent features. It is can help to present a settings that permits view from all corners to the customer so that they can customized any objects within the virtual model to their end goal.

The user able to tour the virtual gallery in 360 degree without any obstacles. With the aid of the interactive media, user experience are further enhanced and promote efficient communication by allowing real-time chat. User can also express their interest by directly submitting the form.

360VR Features

Virtual Guide will give a guided tour of 360 virtual show unit to visitor.

Allow online chatting to have question and answer in real-time, face to face.

Able to put any video and picture at all views/rooms.

Direct submit the booking form which can book the preferred property from the virtual gallery.

360VR Benefits

To experience the same feeling in virtual tour as same as physical visit on site.

Visitor may see the detailing of each design especially the materials in the property.

No time limitation for visiting during virtual tours. Able to allow visitor visit at anywhere and anytime.

To give an interactive in digital world, just like in real world which by having virtual tour guide, live FB show, or even with online chat helps you know how to touch base with customers.

Can have many design concepts of digital showhouse with aid variety of mix and match at one time compared to real build-up showhouse.

Save time and cost to build-up the real showhouse which can take few months to be complete.


This interior concept places more emphasize on customer to have a good experience rather than just to having a good coffee. Strong personalized colour theme and comfortable seating area are important factors to effectively develop customer engagement.


A smart office design provides the employees with not only a better environment to work but also the latest technology to run the workplace smoothly. Calming paint colour and cozy sitting area enable the visitors to feel serene and emotionally engaged with the company.


The eco-natural design is aimed to create rich emotional connections with the shoppers. When the store environment is exciting and entertaining, shoppers will feel that shopping is an enjoyable use of their time. A big screen for product display influences the customer behavior.


Combination of creative and modern design reinforces the community and supports energetic students to feel engaged. Plants and flexible furniture make the school environment to being conducive and attractive.